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JNIWrapper 2.6 for Windows Release Notes

posted Aug 13, 2010, 4:31 AM by Unknown user
Changes since version 2.5:                                                        
  • Added cross-platform API for working with library global variables. See getVariable and setVariable functions in the Library class.
  • Added setForeground()getProcessID() and invalidateRect() functions to the Wnd class.
  • The function Parameter.toString() now returns the string value of parameter (not a debug info, as previously). To return the debug information use the getDebugInfo() function.
  • Function.invoke() under Win32 now returns long as the last error value.
  • Added Java Docs for the SafeArray class.
  • Added documentation for the Str and StringArray classes.                                               


  • Fixed the problem with the native jniwrap.dll library, which could cause various memory management problems with dual processor systems or systems with two virtual processors.
  • Fixed the latent problem in the structure length/members alignment calculation algorithm, in the Structure class, which could cause memory issues in some complex structures.
  • Fixed the issue with the LastError.getValue() function not always returning the correct error code. Now every function call returns the function execution result via the return parameter.
  • Fixed the stability issue in the SafeArray class.
  • Fixed the problem in the Variant.getSafeArray() function; now the returned instance of SafeArray is correctly initialized.
  • Fixed synchronization issues in the OleMessageLoop class.
  • Fixed the JDK 1.5 incompatibility issue in the Codegen utility.
  • Fixed wrappers generation for pure dispatch invocation calls.
  • Fixed code generation for OCX components.
  • Fixed code generation for some [out] parameters of a function call.
  • Fix: Codegen does not fail now when accessing some protected registry keys.
  • Removed the file from the distribution jniwrap.jar archive.