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JNIWrapper 3.7.1 Release Notes

posted Aug 13, 2010, 5:00 AM by Unknown user


  • Improved finding and loading of native libraries by DefaultLibraryLoader (platforms: All)
  • Signed all JARs with new official signature (platforms: All)
  • Added ability to print out the license diagnostic information using VM parameter  (platforms: All)



  • Fixed issues with incorrect calculation of alignment in Structure class (platforms: All)
  • Fixed the problem with file (platforms: Linux)
  • Fixed the issue with open/save dialogs what it hangs under some JVM versions (WinPack)
  • Fixed the issue with getting the memory info on 32-bit OSes with more than 2Gb memory installed and under 64-bit OSes. The MemoryStatus class is marked as deprecated and the MemoryInfo class is introduced instead of it (WinPack).



  • Updated JNIWrapper Programmer's Guide with the latest information (platforms: All)