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A valid license is installed, but JNIWrapper does not load displaying the message "Your license is not valid"

Cause: The license file is not installed in the same directory with the native code library or its name is incorrect. The license file should be named jniwrap.lic and located in the same directory as the JNIWrapper native library (jniwrap.dll on Win32 or on Linux). If any of these conditions is not met, JNIWrapper will be unable to find the license file.

Solution: Make sure that the license file is named and placed properly.

Exception UnsatisfiedLinkError: jniwrap is thrown

Cause: Default library loader cannot find the JNIWrapper native library (jniwrap.dll or depending on the platform). The library loader specified by Library.setDefaultLibraryLoader() or DefaultLibraryLoader cannot locate the native code library. Remember that JNIWrapper looks for its native code using the default library loader, so it has to be configured properly.

Solution: Place the native library and the license file into a directory on your library loader search path or add the directory where the JNIWrapper native library resides to the library loader search path.

DefaultLibraryLoader cannot load a library on the system library search path

Cause: The value of java.library.path system property is redefined on the program startup. In this case, it is not initialized using the system library search path (PATH on Win32 or LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux).

Solution 1: Do not set java.library.path property, add extra search directories using DefaultLibraryLoader.addPath() method.

Solution 2: Add the value of system PATH (LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux) variable to the value assigned to java.library.path. For example, with the batch file use the following construct:

java -Djava.library.path=%PATH%;<additional path entries> ...

Some WinPack feature does not work on certain Windows platform.

Cause: The used feature is not supported by certain Windows platform because not all the Windows features are cross-platform.

Solution: Consider another alternative way for implementation of this feature.