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JNIWrapper 3.2 Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:38:57 AM

New Features:

    • Added support for Mac OS X Intel platform.

    • Added support for JAWT for Linux platform.


    • Improved error diagnosis while loading native libraries (Platforms: Windows).

    • Added new DefaultLibraryLoader.prependPath() method that allows adding a new library path to the beginning of the search path.

    • Improved mechanism of extracting native libraries from JAR files.

    • Documentation: Several updates in JNIWrapper Programmer's Guide

    • Added new CallbackWithFillExternalArraySample sample that demonstrates writing the bulk of data to a given address.


    • Fixed the problem with loading libraries (on localized Windows) from the folders that contain Unicode characters (Platforms: All).

    • Fixed the problem in callbacks, when a callback has more than 3 parameters (Platforms: All).

    • Fixed the problem with incorrect default calling convention for callbacks (Platforms: Linux).

    • Fixed the problem with a callback when using int64 types (Platforms: Mac).

    • Codegen: Parsing error on Enum with extra comma.

    • Codegen: Fixed the problem with output numeric format.