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JNIWrapper 2.5 for WIndows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:30:40 AM

Changes since version 2.5 Beta:

    • Added support of static rendering of OLE/ActiveX components in the OleContainer class.

    • Added new methods to the OleContainer class for saving/loading of an embedded OLE object into/from the Java byte array or Output/Input stream.

    • Applets with integrated OleContainer are now supported. New ComAppletHelper class is available.

    • Added new GlobalMemoryBlock and LocalMemoryBlock classes for memory management.

    • The AppletHelper class is now cross-platform.

    • JNIWrapper Programmer's Guide is updated.


    • Fixed the problem in LastError class that returned sometimes incorrect result code.

    • Fixed the BStr.isNull() function, which incorrectly returned null for a string, returned from the function call.

    • Removed dependency of jniwrap.dll library from the msvcp60.dll.

    • Fixed the problem with creating/loading of PDF documents in the OleContainer class.

    • Removed unnecessary reporting of exceptions in the DefaultLibraryLoader class.

    • Fixed the problem in the OleContainer.insertObject() method.

    • Fixed the problem with ZeroTeminatedString parameters in a Structure.

    • Fixed the problem in Wnd.findWindow() function.

    • Fixed the problem with initializing of a new Variant instance with a successor of IDispatch class.

    • Fixed the problem in the Icon.loadFromStream() function.