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JNIWrapper 2.8 for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:32:26 AM

Changes since version 2.7.1:

    • Added the ability to load a Library using the specified ClassLoader;

    • Added the ability to load a Library with unusual extension, such as .DRV;

    • Added new RegistryKey.rename(String newName) method for renaming of the specified registry key;

    • Added new RegistryKey.deleteSubTree(String subKey) method for the recursive deletion of the subkeys;

    • Added new RegistryKey.copy(RegistryKey newBase, String newName) method for copying of the key and all its subkeys;

    • Improved Bitmap support: added two new DDBitmap and DIBitmap classes to distinguish the functionality;

    • Version numbering is added in MANIFEST.MF file of the library JAR;


    • Fixed problem with incorrect reading/writing of Union members when union is passed to a native function call through a Pointer;

    • Solved the issue with retrieving of Decimal value from a Variant instance;

    • Fixed the problem with incorrect retrieving of Java byte array (using its getBytes() method) from a multi-dimensional SafeArray;

    • Fixed problem interpretation of the license file on machines with Arabic locale;

    • Fixed problem with passing of the SafeArray instance to a native function call through a Pointer;

    • Solved the problem with setting/getting of the SafeArray instance to/from Variant;

    • Fixed the problem with storing of the BStr instance in the Variant;

    • Fixed problem with creating of the method wrapper that has array parameters in Codegen utility;