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JNIWrapper 2.3 for WIndows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:28:45 AM


    • Generation of dispatch interfaces in Code Generation utility.

    • The StringArray class for working with double-zero terminated string arrays. This data structure is frequently used in Windows API and many native libraries.

    • A number of samples that demonstrate embedding Microsoft Office applications using OleContainer; Automation and generated java stubs were added.

    • Updates and New sections in Programmers Guide.

    • IShellLink interface (available in the new version of WinPack) support and ability to create file links.

Changes since version 2.2:

    • Changes in OleContainer to allow embedding Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

    • Added ability to retrieve instances of Java COM classes created with ClassFactory.

    • COM events handling improved (see Programmers Guide for details).

    • Enhanced functionality of the Bitmap for supporting more bitmap features like transparency, various color spaces and conversion between java image and native bitmaps.

    • Added new painting methods in the DC class.

    • Added new sample that demonstrates new ShellLink feature in WinPack Demo.


    • Code Generator utility: improved imports optimization in generated Java stubs.

    • General improvements in code generation.

    • Several memory issues fixed in OleContainer.

    • Fixed keyboard input issues for running IE embedded into OleContainer.

    • Fixed Unicode support in the BStr class for Japanese, Chinese, etc. symbols.

    • Fixed the Variant class for working with Automation.

    • Fixed ColorRef initialization with a Java color.

    • Other bug fixes.