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JNIWrapper 2.1. for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:27:53 AM


    • Introduced Str class that isolates logic for selecting proper string parameter implementation.

    • Introduced IDispatchServer that provides default IDispatch implementation on Java side.

Changes since version 2.0:

    • New JAR file naming. From now on, the product version will be shown in the JAR file name. For example, this version comes with jniwrapper-2.1.jar file.

    • CodeGencan also generate sources by ProgID.

    • Wnd class changed. Some static API was deprecated in favor of non-static analogues.

    • Registry support classes now come as part of the core Windows version functionality.

    • Deprecated VarEnum interface. Constants from VarType should be used instead.

    • Constructors with IUnknownImpl parameter for classes derived from IUnknownImpl now have protected access instead of public.

    • Added constructor with parameter IUnknown for classes derived from IUnknownImpl.


    • Exception handling when working under JDK 1.3.

    • Fixed thread priority for OleMessageLoopthat caused problems with PDF.PdfCtrl V6.0 component embedded into OleContainer.

    • Fixed parameter handling in WindowMessage (WinPack).