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JNIWrapper 2.5 Beta for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:30:15 AM

Changes since version 2.4.1:

    • Support for Java applets.

    • ActiveX GUID can be used for code generation instead of Library ID.

    • Logging API has been introduced. It uses Log4J (starting from v.1.2) for performing output. If Log4J is not available in CLASSPATH, logging does nothing.

    • Installation supplied as MSI.

    • Codegen: ability to specify COM module in the command line for code generation.

    • Samples for integration with Microsoft Media Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    • clientToScreen(), screenToClient(), and getWindowText() methods to Wnd class.

    • Wnd class has been extended with methods for enumerating child and top-level windows.

    • Automation for IDispatchEx interface.

    • ScriptingAutomation to automate IDispatchEx interface.

    • Support of multi-dimensional Safe Arrays.

    • Icons now can be loaded from a stream.


    • Problem with structure length calculation in some cases.

    • StringsArray: IndexOutOfBoundsException when opening OpenSaveDialog.

    • Add scrollbars for Word document.

    • MemoryLeak: Excel, PowerPoint.

    • Problem with newWindow2(IDispatch ppDisp. VariantBool Cancel) method of DWebBrowserEvents2Server class.

    • Handling incorrect parameters for DispParams.invoke().

    • codegen.bat should handle JAVA_HOME absence.

    • CodeGen: Do not trace generation events for predefined resources such as IDispatch. IUnknown, etc.

    • CodeGen: Do not print that a <TypeLibrary>.java file is saved.

    • CodeGen: Generate the ISomethingImpl in Java stabs instead of ISomething.

    • Problem in the IDispatchServer class.

    • Jikes compilator fails on JNIWrapper library.

    • Allow creating non-public class factories via PrivilegedAction.

    • Object inserted into OleContainer is not freed correctly.

    • Cannot load icon from jar file.

    • Fixed oleContainer.insertObject().

    • Problem with a pointer to Variant in Codegen utility.