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JNIWrapper 3.8 Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 12:1:45 PM

New Features and Improvements:

    • From now on JNIWrapper is using the SLF4J Logging Facade that allowing the end user to plug in the desired logging framework at deployment time

    • Added OSGI manifest for JNIWrapper library

    • Added new Pointer.getParameterClass() method that returns a parameter type

    • Added new constructor to Pointer.OutOnly class that allows to specify a parameter type, like in Pointer class

    • Added new constructor to OpenSaveFileDialog class that allows to pass a parent Wnd (WinPack)

    • Added new getBuild() and getRevision() methods to the FileInformation class (WinPack)

    • Added constructors that allows to pass owner's window handle as Wnd parameter to SelectFolderDialog class (WinPack)

    • Added the wrapper for GetAncestor API function to Wnd class (WinPack)

    • Added the ability to access Win32 registry on x64 OS and vice versa (WinPack)

    • Added wrappers for GUITHREADINFO structure and GetGUIThreadInfo function (WinPack)

Resolved Issues:

    • NPE in DefaultLibraryLoader.findLibrary() method which occurs in Eclipse environment (platforms: All)

    • Problem with launching MacPack demo application

    • Several UI issues in Codegen application

    • NPE in SelectFolderDialog(String rootFolder, String caption) constructor of SelectFolderDialog class (WinPack)

    • Problem with handling RegistryKeyType.MULTI_SZ with (null) entry (WinPack)

    • Removed memory leak in DDE functionality (WinPack)

    • Updated Wnd.FindWindowEx method that didn't correctly handle null value for the className parameter (WinPack)

    • Updated Icon.loadFromStream() method, so now it can correctly recognize invalid/broken streams (WinPack)

    • "IndexOutOfBoundsException" and "java.lang.RuntimeException: Resource not found" issues in Icon.load() method (WinPack)

    • Exception in Bitmap.toImage for 16bit color depth (WinPack)