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JNIWrapper 2.2 for WIndows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:28:21 AM


    • User interface for Code Generation utility.

Changes since version 2.1:

    • Added ability to embed externally created ole objects into OleContainer using the OleContainer.insertObject(IOleObject oleObject) method.

    • Some improvements made in WinPackDemo, basically in COM/OLE part.

    • Mapping Windows Data Types to JNIWrapper Classes page updated. WinPack Types added.


    • OleContainer can now be added to any (including non-visible) parent components.

    • Fixed Region.createFromImage()method for images not fully surrounded by transparent color.

    • FileSystemWatcher worked incorrectly on 'My Documents' folder and its subfolders.

    • Memory leaks fixed in OleContainer.

    • Other minor bugs fixed.