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JNIWrapper 2.9 for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:35:56 AM

Changes since version 2.8.5:

    • Added new AutomationException exception, which is specially designed to provides additional information (ExcepInfo) about an exception that may happed during Automation.invoke() method;

    • Added new constructor to the SafeArray class for creating complex arrays;

    • Added new constants for all CO_E_* exceptions into HResult class;

    • Added AcrobatReader 7.0 automation sample;


    • Fixed the problem in ExternalStringPoiner class, which was reproducible under Linux platform only;

    • Fixed several critical issues in IDispatchServer implementation;

    • Fixed problem with reading of the BStr parameter;

    • Fixed memory leak problem in BStr class; also added release() method;

    • Fixed problem in the native implementation of the MouseHook; now all WM_LBUTTONUP, WM_RBUTTONUP and WM_MBUTTONUP mouse events should be correctly delivered to the listeners;

    • Fixed problem with repainting of Swing components/windows when a native dialog is called;

    • Fixed memory leak problem in Region.createFromImage() method;

    • Fixed occasional ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception in the OpenSaveFileDialog class;

    • Fixed the problem with keyboard input handling in the OleConainer class;

    • Fixed the problem in the SaveArray resulting in incorrect reading of an instance from the pointer;