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JNIWrapper 2.8.5 for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:35:23 AM

Changes since version 2.8:

    • Introduced new OleStr class, the wrapper for the LPOLESTR type;

    • Exposed setAutodelete and isAutodelete methods in the IUnknown interface for convenience;

    • Added the IEnumVariant wrapper for the IEnumVARIANT COM interface;

    • Added new constructor to the SafeArray class, which allows to create the instance from the byte array;

    • Added the ability to create the BStr from a string containing multiple zero symbols;

    • Added the ability to convert a LongPtr to an appropriate IUnknown instance;

    • Updated Programmer's Guide;

    • Added sample for integration with new AcrobatReader 7.0;


    • Fixed the memory leak problem in the Variant class;

    • Fixed the problem with reading of a SafeArray from a Variant;

    • Fixed the problem with returning a Structure result from the native function call via return parameter, when a function has some parameters;

    • Fixed the problem in the calculation of a string length in the BStr class;

    • Fixed the incorrect throwing of the exception when calling the Variant.setValue(null, VarType.VT_BSTR) method;

    • Deprecated the Wnd.sendMessage() method, because of incorrect return parameter and added the corrected Wnd.sendMessageEx() method;

    • Fixed the problem in the OleContainer.insertObject() method, when inserting an instance of IOleObject, which does not support the IPersistStorage interface;

    • Fixed the problem in the constructors of the GUID and CLSID classes;

    • Fixed deadlock issue in the NativeResourceCollector class;

    • OleContaienr: fixed notifications problem for new, open and save events;

    • OleContainer: fixed the uiActivate() and uiDeactivate() methods;

    • Fixed the problems in the ActobatReaderIntegrationSample;

    • Fixed the behavior of Codegen utility, when the valid license is not present;