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JNIWrapper 2.9.5 for Windows Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:36:20 AM

Changes since version 2.9:

    • Added useful methods for converting the FileTime to/from Java Date type;

    • Added new methods for setting/getting Windows hot keys in the Wnd class;

    • Added new constructor to the Icon class, which allows to specify the dimension of an icon to load;

    • Deprecated the ProcessMessageListener interface (listener for the MessageLoopThread class) and added new MessageLoopListener interface instead;


    • Codegen: fixed the crash problem, which could occur during the generation of Java files for some type libraries;

    • Codegen: fixed the code generation problem for the SafeArray parameters;

    • Codegen: fixed handling of incorrect TypeLibrary version parameter;

    • Fixed the JDK1.3 incompatibility problem in the OleContainer class;

    • Fixed the problem in the DialogHelper class, which could cause incorrect functioning of all native dialogs;

    • Fixed the problem with retrieving custom types (like structures, etc.) from the SafeArray parameter;

    • Fixed the incorrect implementation of the SHELL hook in the native library;

    • Fixed the incorrect processing of the 16-bit palette icons in the Icon class;

    • Fixed the problem with the objects releasing in the Wnd class after the calling of the getAllWindows(), getChildWindows(Wnd parent) and getThreadWindows(long threadID) methods;

    • Fixed the problem in the OfficePrintHandler class, which caused the printing of the first page only;

    • Other minor bugfixes;