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JNIWrapper 3.0 Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 11:36:45 AM

New Features:

    • Support for the Mac OS X platform along with wrappers for the whole Cocoa API.

    • Code generation for creating Java wrappers over custom C types, such as unions, structures, callbacks, etc.

    • Ability to keep a native library in a JAR file and extract or install this library on demand.

    • Added a new BitField class for supporting bit fields in structures.

    • Automatic wrapping of the ArrayParamter object to Pointer during a function call.

    • Ability to specify calling convention for Library and therefore, for all its functions.

    • Ability to copy custom libraries to the client side by using the AppletHelper class.

    • Added various samples to demonstrate the core JNIWrapper's functionality.


    • The Pointer.Void.asTypedPointer(Pointer dest) method is deprecated and a new Pointer.Void.castTo(Pointer dest) method is added.

    • A new copy constructor is added to the Structure class.

    • JAWT_* classes are moved to the com.jniwrapper.jawt package.

    • Updated and improved JNIWrapper Programmer's Guide.

    • The packaging and dependencies schema is changed.

Fixed Bugs:

    • Fixed the problem when JNIWrapper was unable to find/load dependent libraries that come in one JAR file in a Java™ WebStart application.

    • Fixed the implementation of the Library.load(ClassLoader classLoader) method.

    • Fixed the incorrect implementation in the ResizingPointer class.

    • Fixed the problem with cloning a Pointer object.

    • Fixed the problem with incorrect comparison of two instances of the Pointer class.

    • Fixed other minor problems.