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JNIWrapper 3.7.2 Release Notes

Post date: Aug 13, 2010 12:0:55 PM

New Features and Improvements:

    • Added getWorkingDirectory and setWorkingDirectory methods to ShellLink object (WinPack)

    • Added support for ExpandEnvironmentStrings function (WinPack)

    • Added CBT Hook implementation (WinPack)

    • Added OSGI manifest for WinPack (WinPack)

    • Added new LowLevelKeyboardHook and LowLevelMouseHook wrappers and samples for them (WinPack)

    • Added ability to check that a logged on user has got administrative rights (WinPack)


    • Fixed the issues with calculating members offset in complex aligned structures (platforms: All)

    • Now the Processor Name is shown correctly for new CPUs (WinPack)

    • Resolved memory leaks in RegistryKey.exists() method (WinPack)

    • Removed the handle leak in SystemVariables class (WinPack)

    • Fixed the issue in OFNStructure that occurred in case of multiselection in OpenSaveDialog (WinPack)

    • Methods get and containsKey in the class RegistryKeyValues are caseinsensitive now (WinPack)

    • Fixed the "ordering" issue in the RegistryKeyValues that sometimes causes changing of the types, for example EXPAND_SZ instead of SZ (WinPack)

    • Fixed the firing events in RegistryKey class (WinPack)

    • Resolved the issue with 16-bit graphic mode in Bitmap.toImage() (WinPack)